Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

Teacher: Ms. Rich

What is Third Grade learning about right now?

How cultures contribute to a community through traditions, celebrations, art, music & clothing, and how to read and gather more information from graphs and maps.

What can we look forward to this year?

Students will learn about a growth mindset and be encouraged to demonstrate it through goal setting & perseverance while learning about various historical figures who worked through challenges to reach success. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate a level of understanding for others to build empathy & acceptance while learning about various cultures and historical events. We will strengthen our writing with informative, narrative and persuasive prompts while connecting to many of the main ideas throughout the year.

Students will continue to build number sense as we work to practice how to estimate and round numbers, connect repeated addition to multiplication, apply multiplication to area and perimeter and practice with fractions.

Unique Feature:

We have Morning Meetings every day!

A close up of the room's learning space.
A reading area with many decorations.